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In Loving Memory of Robert Faulkner, Sr.

    Robert Faulkner, Sr. (1964 - 2021) founder of The Family Mobile Welding (FMW). Robert began his career in the welding industry over 37 years ago, working in a variety of welding fabrication rolls . He began working several jobs all over Colorado including the Pepsi Center, Denver Art Museum and Rocky Flats. As his experience and skills grew, he began seizing some opportunities and branched out on his own. He outfitted his rig truck "warthog" and went traveling across America welding pipelines, compressor stations and power plants. He always had a burning passion to own his own shop with his family thus began The Family Mobile Welding. Initially starting with projects throughout the Denver-Metro area, he quickly moved east to Strasburg, Colorado where he went all in with his business and opened a shop with his family and retired from traveling. It was his great joy to work within his own company and with his family. As FMW continues to grow, we carry on with the same pride, quality and compassion. 

Cheers to the legacy of Robert Faulkner, Sr., as Husband, Father and Papo.


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